Yarra Trail

Yarra Trail Womenswear established in 1996, offers apparel for Women aged 35 and over. Catering to our brand statement “Make Life One Long Weekend”, Yarra Trail offers casual clothing to wear 7 days a week.

Once it was relatively easy to define her in demographic terms i.e. Women AB, 20-30, 30-40, 50+ etc. Today it is virtually impossible to accurately categorise women solely by their age.

As “Forty is the new thirty” and “fifty is the new forty” a great many of whom are employed with a greater independence and a clear voice. Accordingly, the Yarra Trail woman has changed in tune with the times.

We see her more in terms of a mindset than a specific demographic. She might be 35 or she might be 55. She is modern, relaxed, and comfortable in her own skin and a discerning customer. She has an interest in fashion but is not driven by it. She is not a trend follower and has her own style.